"USS DYSON DD-572 Member of the "Little Beaver Squadron" Destroyer Squadron 23

Service in WW II 1943-1945
The Officers
The Crew
Charleston SC
Mare Island
Personal Pictures
Crew Now


Captain A. Burke
(31 Knot Burke)
"Little Beaver Squadron"
Fleet Captain

Captain R.A. Gano
USS Dyson

Dec. 1942 - Mar. 1944


Captain L. E. Ruff
USS Dyson

Mar. 1944 - Aug. 1945


Captain V. P. Healey

USS Dyson

Aug. 1945 - Jun. 1946


LT. W. J. Murray

USS Dyson

Dec. 1942 - Dec. 1945


Donald Verduin GM3C

USS Dyson

Sept. 1944 - Apr. 1946



USS Dyson Pictures




Various Pictures of the USS Dyson



Transferring Jap POW's from the Dyson to another ship

(My father said of this picture that they would always dunk the Japs on the way over)


View from another ship


USS Dyson being refueled by the USS Enterprise in January 1945


Undisclosed Location


Undisclosed Location




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